Prices are US Dollars, effective 8-8-8, reviewed 8-8-13, subject to change without notice.

Systems and Software
All Ahsomme systems require an Ahsomme Data Center.
Multi-user systems also require Workstations.

Ahsomme Data Center

Includes software, hardware, setup & training 7500

Ahsomme Workstations

Software 1100
Hardware (market price, approximately) 1400
Annual “Always New” subscription, per workstation 350
Unlimited PDF User Guidebooks Free
Additional printed User and Admin Guidebooks (one free) 88
Ahsomme ReportRunner (included with Ahsomme systems) Free
Ahsomme ReportMaker (included with Ahsomme systems) Free

Consulting, Programming, Training

Consulting – on Ahsomme – per hour 125
Consulting – on general business topics – per hour 175
Programming – 4 hr. minimum 888
Programming – per 8 hr. day 1200
Programming – weekly rate 5555
On-site training (included with Ahsomme installation) Free
On-site training – 4 hr. minimum 600
On-site training – per 8 hr. day 999