Since 1988 Simple Solutions has delivered business systems that are:

“Powerful, Fast, and Flexible”

Systems that are quickly and economically deployed, easy to maintain, and impossible to outgrow – not just accounting systems but full, integrated, business systems – to help with all parts of your business.

We are fully “buzz-word compliant”:

  • CRM
  • Data Mining
  • Empowered
  • ERP
  • JIT
  • MIS
  • MTO
  • Operationalized
  • Pro-active
  • Scalable
  • User-centric
  • User-friendly
  • We subscribe to the Theory of Constraints
  • World-class
  • Cloud-based – except, with Ahsomme, you own your cloud, your data, your serverand especially
  • “ROI”

Our most popular systems are the ones for rental:

  • Party Rental
  • Event Rental
  • Tent Rental
  • A/V Rental
  • Equipment Rental
  • ”People Rental” – staffing, recruiting, and performer scheduling.

Although based in the US, we also work in other countries where “rental” is spelled “hire”:

  • Party Hire
  • Event Hire
  • Tent Hire
  • Audio/Video Hire
  • Equipment Hire

We provide business systems for companies that do:

  • Wholesale
  • Retail Sales
  • Distribution
  • Services and
  • Manufacturingas well as custom and semi-custom systems for unique businesses.

    We love unique challenges, please call to discuss

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